Free CDL Training, License and Truck Driving Job information for Oregon

Beaver State

There are basically four types of driving jobs in the trucking industry; these are Local, Dedicated, Regional and Over the Road (OTR).

There are two types of Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL); you have a Class A CDL License and a Class B CDL License. If you want to operate special types of Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) then would need to pass additional tests to add the endorsements to your CDL license. The type of truck that you want to do drive will determine which type of CDL License and endorsements that you will want to obtain.

  1. The CDL Instructional Permit is your first step to obtaining your CDL License and a career in the trucking industry. To get prepared to pass the CDL permit test and learn more about the endorsements you can download the Oregon CDL Manual here for free.
  2. The next step is to choose a Truck Driving School. The CDL schools break down your CDL training into three phases, classroom, field and road training. The classroom will get you ready to take the CDL permit test and the field and road training will prepare you to pass your road skills test to obtain your CDL License.
  3. There are three types of Truck Driving Schools to consider.
    1. Company Sponsored Truck Driving Schools. The company CDL School will require you to sign an employment contract of 12 months or less in exchange for your CDL training. The company schools will typically take you 14 to 16 days complete.
    2. Private Truck Driving Schools. Private CDL Schools require you to pay for your training or qualify for a student loan to cover the cost of your training. Many trucking companies will offer tuition reimbursement on your student loan in order to hire and retain you as a driver. Private schools generally take 3 to 4 weeks to complete
    3. Public Truck Driving Schools. These types of schools include your Vocational and Community Colleges. These schools can be closer to home but they can also take up to 3 months to complete. If you are changing Jobs or trying to get back into the work force then this can be a very long time to wait for your first paycheck.
  4. Before you start your CDL Training you will need an original or certified copy of your Birth Certificate. The Department of Vital Records for the state of Oregon can provide you with a certified copy of your Birth Certificate.
  5. You will also need your Social Security card (not a copy) to obtain a CDL License. You can take (or mail) your completed application and necessary documents to your local Social Security office to obtain your Social Security Card.

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